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MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS)


First ISSCP Regional Experiment - Arctic Cloud Experiment
Dates: 13 May - 9 June 1998
Location: Northern Alaska & Arctic Ocean
Principal Investigators: Dr. Michael King (NASA GSFC)
Additional Sensors: AirMISR, AMPR, CLS, MIR, HIS, & SSFR
Objective: To study the impact of Arctic clouds on radiation exchange between surface, atmosphere, and space. Additional observations include cloud-radiation feedbacks, cloud fraction and vertical distribution, water vapor content, cloud particle concentration and size, and cloud phase properties.

Processing Information
Flights Processed: 15 of 15
Total Flight Tracks: 266
Total Scanlines: 1,282,224
Level-1B Version: #02
Calibration Type: Final
Calibration Version: FIRE-ACE ARC 1.0
Temperature Adjustment: None
Status: Level-1B Data in HDF format is available.

Spectral Information
Spectral Band Configuration
Spectral Response Function Table

Level-1B Data Distribution
Langley Research Center (LaRC)
Level 1 / Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS)
NASA Distributive Active Archive Centers (DAACs)

FIRE-ACE Missions
Click on a Track Map to view a particular mission
May 1998
13 May 1998
Flight: 98-063
18 May 1998
Flight: 98-064
20 May 1998
Flight: 98-065
22 May 1998
Flight: 98-066
24 May 1998
Flight: 98-067
26 May 1998
Flight: 98-068
27 May 1998
Flight: 98-069
29 May 1998
Flight: 98-070
30 May 1998
Flight: 98-071
June 1998
01 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-072
02 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-073
03 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-074
04 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-075
06 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-076
08 Jun 1998
Flight: 98-077
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CBS News Special Report:
27 May 1998
On a frozen ice pack deep inside the Arctic Circle, a band of scientists hope to unlock the mystery surrounding changes in the Earth's climate. CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen reports.

Ice Station Sheba imageIce Station Sheba
CBS News Special Report:
28 May 1998
On assignment inside the Arctic Circle, CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen, Producer Quent Neufeld, and a CBS News camera crew spent three days on an icebreaker locked in the frozen Arctic Ocean 300 miles north of Barrow, Alaska.

Ice Station Sheba imageIce Station Sheba
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Sample Imagery
Click image for full resolution
Flight: 98-063, Track #19
Saint Elias Mountains
Click to load the full resolution image Flight: Direction Indicator
R: 2.13µm
G: 0.95µm
B: 0.55µm

Sample Imagery
Click image for full resolution
Flight: 98-065, Track #12
Arctic Ocean (Sheba)
Click to load the full resolution image Flight: Direction Indicator
R: 2.13µm
G: 0.95µm
B: 0.65µm