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MODIS Airborne Simulator (eMAS)


Below are documents describing the eMAS instrument and some early results of the performance, quality, and utility of the data. Included is a Data Users Guide, detailing the structure and content of processed Level-1B (calibrated, geolocated radiance) data files.

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Introduction and Overview
Includes platform and instrument specifications.
Read the specifications
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eMAS Spectral Bands
Shows target spectral response functions for each band of the eMAS instrument.
View the target SRFs
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The MODIS Airborne Simulator
This article, published in NASA's Earth Observer Magazine, describes the history, development, and in-flight performance of MAS.
Read the article
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MAS White Paper
Published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, this article describes the design of MAS and its applications.
Read the article (PDF)
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FIRE III Arctic Cloud Experiment: Field Mission Report
This report offers scientific analysis of MAS data obtained during the FIRE Campaign that took place in May and June 1998.
Read the report (PDF)
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Scientific Publications
An index of publications citing or using eMAS data (by year).
View the list
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News Archive and Technical Notes
Here you will find past news updates and technical notes for eMAS.
View the archive
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Earth Scene Imagery

eMAS sample imagery animation

These sample images represent the enormous repository of data from various campaigns collected over the past two decades.