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MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS)


Wisconsin Snow and Cloud - Terra 2000
Dates: 15 March - 04 April 1999
Location: Northern Midwest, Great Lakes, & Canada
Principal Investigators: Dr. Chris Moeller (UWisc)
Additional Sensors: AirMISR, Camera (RC-10), CLS, & S-HIS
Objective: To validate cloud detection, cloud height, and cloud particle
characteristics measured by MODIS on TERRA. These flights took place
over the DOE ARM CART site in Oklahoma where many ground-based
instruments also made cloud measurements. MAS data was used to map
the spatial variability of the snow fields to be compared with MODIS. MAS
and S-HIS measurements over the DOE ARM CART site will be compared
to those from MODIS to measure clear atmospheric temperature and moisture
structure, in addtion to validating the radiometric calibration of MODIS.

Processing Information
Flights Processed: 10 of 10
Total Flight Tracks:
Total Scanlines:
Level-1B Version: #1
Calibration Type: Final
Calibration Version: WISC-T2000 1.0
Level-1B Configuration:
Temperature Adjustment: None
Status: Level-1B Data in HDF format is available.

Spectral Information
Spectral Band Configuration
Spectral Response Function Table

Level-1B Data Distribution
Level 1 / Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS)
NASA Distributive Active Archive Centers (DAACs)

WISC-T2000 Missions
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February 2000
24 Feb 2000
Flight: 00-062
27 Feb 2000
Flight: 00-063
28 Feb 2000
Flight: 00-064
March 2000
01 Mar 2000
Flight: 00-065
03 Mar 2000
Flight: 00-066
05 Mar 2000
Flight: 00-067
06 Mar 2000
Flight: 00-068
11 Apr 1999
Flight: 00-069
12 Apr 1999
Flight: 00-070
13 Mar 2000
Flight: 00-071
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Sample Imagery
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Flight: 00-062, Track #04
Southern Utah
Click to load the full resolution image Flight: Direction Indicator
R: 2.15µm
G: 1.64µm
B: 0.55µm