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MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS)


Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission -
Dates: 00 January - 18 February 1999
Location: Rondonia, Brazil
Principal Investigators: Dr. Anthony Guillory (NASA MSFC)
Additional Sensors: AMPR & EDOP
Objective: TRMM-LBA is designed to measure tropical precipitation and its variation.
TRMM data will provide the first opportunity to estimate the latent heat released in
the tropics. Data collected will also be used to estimate the vertical profile of tropical
atmospheric heat. Additionally, TRMM data will help to determine the amounts of convective,
stratiform, and total precipitation in the atmosphere; the vertical structure of precipitation;
and the monthly rainfall over large areas in the regions studied during the campaign.

Processing Information
Flights Processed: 14 of 14
Total Flight Tracks:
Total Scanlines:
Level-1B Version: #1
Calibration Type: Final
Calibration Version: TRMM-LBA ARC swap_band 1.0
Temperature Adjustment: None
Status: Level-1B Data in HDF format is available.

Spectral Information
Spectral Band Configuration
Spectral Response Function Table

During pre-campaign setup of the MAS instrument, channels 49 and 50 where accidentally transposed. This problem was not discovered until after the MAS instrument was returned to the Ames Research Center. Bands are out of order, but the correct calilbration files have been applied. In essence, data users will see "channel 50 data" in the channel 49 position, and visa versa.

For the duration of this campaign, the ER-2 was based in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. Each mission required approximately a two hour flight to and from the study area near Ji-Parana, Rondonia. During these segments of each mission the MAS intrument was not recording data.

Several flights were scheduled to correspond to TRMM satelite overpasses. These flights are noted in the Flight Summaries and Browse Images table.

Level-1B Data Distribution
Level 1 / Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS)
NASA Distributive Active Archive Centers (DAACs)

TRMM-LBA Missions
Click on a Track Map to view a particular mission
January 1999
23 Jan 1999
Flight: 99-029
24 Jan 1999
Flight: 99-030
25 Jan 1999
Flight: 99-031
27 Jan 1999
Flight: 99-032
30 Jan 1999
Flight: 99-033
February 1999
01 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-034
05 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-037
07 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-038
08 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-039
10 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-040
14 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-042
17 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-043
21 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-044
23 Feb 1999
Flight: 99-045
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Sample Imagery
Click image for full resolution
Flight: 99-032, Track #10
Rodonia, Brazil
Click to load the full resolution image Flight: Direction Indicator
R: 2.13µm
G: 1.62µm
B: 0.65µm

Sample Imagery
Click image for full resolution
Flight: 93-031, Track #10
Rodonia, Brazil
Click to load the full resolution image Flight: Direction Indicator
R: 2.13µm
G: 1.62µm
B: 0.65µm