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Western Diversity Time Series
Dates: 17 September - 15 October, 2020
Location: California
Principal Investigators: Hook / Green (JPL)
Aircraft: NASA 809 ER-2 (Armstrong Flight Research Center)
Additional Sensors: PICARD / AVIRIS / HyTES
Objective: The Western Diversity Time Series (formerly HyspIRI) will observe California’s ecosystems and provide critical information on natural disasters such as volcanoes, wildfires, and drought. It will provide a benchmark on the state of the ecosystems against which future changes can be assessed, as the instruments will be capable of identifying vegetation type and health. The WDTS Airborne Campaign is a multi-year effort to collect seasonal VIS-SWIR and TIR airborne scanner data using both AVIRIS and MASTER remote sensing instruments aboard the ER-2 high-altitude platform.

Processing Information
Flights Processed: 9
Total Flight Tracks: 90
Total Scanlines: 558,080
Level-1B Version: 1
Calibration Version: 1
Status: Level-1B Data available

MASTER Spectral Information
Spectral Band Configuration
Spectral Response Function Table

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WDTS 2020 Missions
Click on a Track Map to view a particular mission
September 2020
17 Sep 2020
Flight: 20-955-00
24 Sep 2020
Flight: 20-956-00
25 Sep 2020
Flight: 20-957-00
30 Sep 2020
Flight: 20-958-00
October 2020
5 Oct 2020
Flight: 21-901-00
6 Oct 2020
Flight: 21-902-00
7 Oct 2020
Flight: 21-903-00
13 Oct 2020
Flight: 21-905-00
15 Oct 2020
Flight: 21-906-00
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WDTS Fall 2020

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Sample Imagery
Click image for full resolution
Flight 20-955-00
Track #3
Bobcat Fire
Southern California
Click to load the full resolution image Flight Direction Indicator
R: 2.1µm
G: 1.6µm
B: 0.5µm

Click to load the full resolution image Flight Direction Indicator
R: 4.0µm
G: 2.1µm
B: 1.6µm