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The NASDAT is the airborne host for the ASP Sensor Network system, and brings Ethernet connectivity and satellite communications directly to experimenters and their instruments. It is a key element of the wider Airborne Science Program effort to harmonize payload interfaces across the fleet, and enable sensor web participation, including live data access via the ASP Web Portal and the Mission Tools Suite. NASDAT core network services include aircraft housekeeping data broadcast, NTP time server, CSV status packet ingest, UDP packet forwarding, and ground web services. It includes four embedded Iridium modems for baseline global communications, and provides a gateway to wider-bandwidth sat-com services such as Inmarsat. Although legacy interfaces from the old ER-2 Navigation Recorder are still provided (RS-232, RS-422, ARINC-429, Synchro, IRIG-B,) experimenters are encouraged to take advantage of the new Ethernet-based capabilities where possible. NASDAT units are installed on all of the core NASA science platforms.

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