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Flight: 99-003-03
Date: April 30, 1999
Aircraft: DOE B200 Beechcraft
Deployment: Baja 99
Flight Location: Tres Virgenes, Baja Mexico
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joann Stock (CalTech)
Additional Sensors: 6" RC-30 (CIR)
Objective: These data will be used to study volcanic processes in the Tres Virgenes and Puertecitos areas of Baja, Mexico. Observations will be used to constrain the recent volcanic history in the two areas, including volumes, recurrence rates, compositions, and distributions of past eruptive products. This information, in turn, will be used for estimating future eruption scenarios and likely hazards and consequneces.

Calibration and Level-1B Processing Information
Level-1B Data processed by: NASA Airborne Sensor Facility
Level-1B Data Version: 1
Level-1B Configuration File
Calibration Type: Final
Calibration Version: 1
Temperature Adjustment: No
Status: Level-1B data available

Spectral Information
Spectral Channel Summary
Spectral Response Function

Data Evaluation

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